10 Great iPhone Apps For Your Business

iPhone-loving business professionals can tap into corporate e-mail systems, customer contact lists, and accounting systems with these downloads from the iTunes App Store.

Search2Go lets iPhone users search their companies' systems for contact and account information.
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5. Excitor, a Denmark-based company focused primarily on the European market, is offering an iPhone version of its DME software for encrypted delivery of corporate e-mail to mobile phones. The app lets iPhone users get e-mail from their companies' IBM Domino or Microsoft Exchange (as an alternative to Exchange ActiveSync) servers. The free app works if the user's company has an ExcitorDME server gateway installed.

6. Model Metrics is offering a version of its Search2Go software that lets iPhone users search their companies' systems for contact and account information. Since it's a read-only application, you don't need approval or setup help from the IT department, or so claims Model Metrics. It's priced at $19.99.

7. OpCenter offers QuickBooks Desktop Data on the GO!, which lets iPhone users view current balance sheets, expenses, sales orders, and accounts payable financial reports residing in QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier, or Pro systems. The cost to test it out is 99 cents; to get the live feed for your own company data, cost is $19.95 per month.

8. JAMF Software's JSS Mobile lets IT pros manage their companies' Mac systems from their iPhones. They can look up Macs on their networks and get such details as serial numbers, operating system version, processor, and user name and contact information. It's free, but requires a license for Casper Suite, JAMF's client-management software for Macintosh environments.

9. MochaSoft Apps offers TN3270, which turns your phone into an IBM 3278 terminal for accessing IBM mainframes. (It could be helpful to those whose companies run some custom applications and systems on mainframes). The Lite version is free; the bells-and-whistles version goes for $29.99.

10. Headlight Software's FTP On The Go, targeted at IT pros and Web site administrators, lets iPhone users connect to an FTP server to make changes to the company Web site, for example. Headlight also suggests using it to link to an FTP server to get Word, Excel, or image files, make changes, and send them back. Cost is $9.99.