10 Mobile App Favorites For Business

We pick 10 compelling mobile apps of the moment for your work -- handy for everything from reminders to travel.

a dossier beforehand, a far better experience than typing search queries about an individual on a phone at the last minute.

7. SwiftKey Keyboard  ($3.99) for Android
No one really likes typing on a tiny virtual keyboard. But when you must do so, try the SwiftKey Keyboard. Features such as SwiftKey Flow, which combines tapped typing with gesture typing, make text entry much faster. Plus there's an SDK.

8. Quip (free/$12 per month/undisclosed enterprise pricing) for Android, iOS, OS X
Quip aspires to be Microsoft Office for the mobile age. Although the arrival of Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS earlier this year might frustrate that ambition, that doesn't change the fact that Quip is a compelling productivity app in its own right. It's a great way to share lists and other informal documents among a group of people.

9. Uber (free, ride pricing varies) for Android, iOS, Windows Phone
There are other online car services, such as Lyft and Sidecar. The experience will depend on the driver. Pay attention to ratings. Uber seems to be more formal than other services, and so better for business usage. (Sorry, Lyft, but the pink moustache doesn't work for me.) As far as design goes, the Uber app is elegant and functional. Seeing where your ride is while you wait is priceless.

10. Fantastical 2 ($4.99 iPhone/$9.99 iPad) for iOS
If you're looking for a great calendar and reminders app, you can't go wrong with Fantastical 2. It syncs to cloud services such as iCloud and Google Calendar. It lets you search events. It also lets you add new events by voice.

Do you have a favorite app? Tell us what it is and why you love it in the comments section.

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