10 Things That WON'T Happen In 2009 - Were We Right or Wrong?

bMighty bravely goes back to check whether our 2009 "anti-predictions" held true -- or if they actually happened. How well do you think we did?
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The Last 5 Things We Said Wouldn't Happen In 2009

6. Blogging Will Be Replaced By Twitter And Facebook And Flickr

Look around. Despite the continuing rise of social networking, blogging is showing no signs of going away. Twitter may be on everyone's lips these days, but blogging lives.
Verdict: RIGHT!

7. Windows 7 Will Ship

Um, what can we say? We were haters, and we were wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. On October 22, Microsoft did the unthinkable: release a new operating system on-time to strong reviews. All we can say in our defense is that we were big enough to admit our mistake: Windows 7's Official Release Prompts bMighty Apology.
Verdict: WRONG!

8. The Cloud Will Crash

Well, there were plenty of cloud-computing failures in 2009, but there wasn't any single over-arching "Cloud Crash" to point to. And some pundits -- like Mark Anderson of Strategic News Service -- are now predicting the big Cloud Catastrophe in 2010. So, that means it DIDN'T happen in 2009, right?
Verdict: FUZZY

9. WiMax Will Replace Wi-Fi
Not hardly. WiMax continues to hang on as a cost effective option in rural and overseas markets, but it's hardly gone mainstream. We recently wrote about one company -- J. Peterman (yes, that J. Peterman of Seinfeld infamy -- using WiMax as a backup for its T-1 connections, but it was worth coverting precisely because it's so unusual. As bMighty contributor Paul Korzeniowski explained it in WiMAX's Niche-Market Future Begins to Crystallize: "to date, it has garnered only minuscule acceptance."
Verdict: RIGHT!

10. Google Will Stop Offering Free Lunches
This may have been the year that Google had to lay off thousands of contractors and even some actual employees, but the company continues to offer those who remain free lunch, and dinner. Yum!
Verdict: RIGHT!

Add it all up and we got 7 RIGHT, 2 FUZZY, and only 1 WRONG. And frankly, we're being conservative taking a FUZZY for the whole cloud crashing thing.

Not too bad, even if some of our choices seem fairly safe, at least in retrospect.

Now, look for us to take a look back at what DID happen in 2009 that makes a difference for SMBs, and to make another set of anti-predictions for 2010.

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