7 Ways Cloud Computing Supports Data Transformation

Data transformation and modernization is only possible through cloud computing, be it public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Over the past two years, companies that were on the fence about data transformation were forced to make some hard decisions. Now that we're finally emerging on the other side of the pandemic, it's time to take what we learned, assess where we are now, and complete the data transformation process before the next unexpected event makes those decisions for us.

According to the current trajectory, we'll generate more than 180 zettabytes of data by 2025. Add that number to security concerns and constantly evolving regulations regarding data collection, storage, and use, and you can see why finding a viable data transformation solution should be your number one priority.

The fact that we exist in the information age is only one of the challenges facing businesses and government agencies of all shapes, sizes, and industries. In this environment, data may be the single most valuable asset you possess outside of your human resources.

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