9 Cloud Certifications Worth Your Time and Money

For IT professionals who want to advance their careers with new skills, certifications in cloud technology and management are a good bet.

Considering the vast number of technical certifications available today, it can become a true challenge to choose which one is right for you. You could go the traditional route and target the more common certifications such as Microsoft's MCSE Server Infrastructure, Cisco's CCNA Routing and Switching or CompTIA's A+. But where's the fun in that?

Instead, now might be the right time to look at certifying in an area of IT that continues to explode. Of course, I'm referring to the cloud. While cloud technologies have been around for a while now, infrastructure technologies, policies and concepts continue to evolve. So, honing your skills in this area -- and possessing the certification to prove your competency -- can go a long way. Additionally, having a unique certification that focuses on areas of IT that are in high demand will certainly set you apart from others that choose to obtain the more traditional industry designations.

Once you make the decision to narrow your focus on a cloud-oriented cert, the decision-making process is far from over. Your next choice is to determine what part of the cloud you wish to work on. Are you interested in specializing with a specific public cloud provider or technology vendor? Or would you prefer to be more of a generalist? Want to focus highly technical skills? Or do you just need to understand the basics from a "big picture perspective"? All options are available, and all are completely useful, depending on the target career path you wish to pursue.

We invite you to look at nine certifications we think are worth your time and money. After you click through our list, we’d love to hear your opinion on the value of cloud-focused certifications and which ones you think will be the most valuable for enterprise IT staff.

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