Apotheker Takes The Stage, Paints An HP Cloud Vision

Hewlett-Packard crafted a media and analyst summit where it envisioned the company at the center of cloud, connectivity and software, providing the enabling technology and services on top. New company captain Leo Apotheker, who has been traveling the globe talking to business customers and employees, was expected to talk about bringing HP back to its roots: Innovation, R&D, and engineering, perhaps with a misguided desire for the company to be as hip as Apple. Despite a reliance on buzz words (o

Talk about context aware -- HP offered this lovely, and slightly freaky vision: part astronaut, part baby. Guesses as to what this means? That cloud is in its infancy? That astronauts were once babies? That babies were once astronauts? That Apotheker is a crazy Frenchman? That HP has multiple personality disorder?