Broadvision Tackles Customer-Facing Collaboration

Clearvale Social Customer Management option opens corporate communities to customers and partners.
Broadvision's Clearvale Express Offers Free Social Media Capabilities
Slideshow: Broadvision's Clearvale Express Offers Free Social Media Capabilities
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BroadVision introduced the Clearvale Social Customer Management product this week at the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston, a UBM TechWeb event, providing a way of opening a Clearvale corporate social network to include customers and partners.

Enterprise 2.0
Clearvale is BroadVision's cloud-based enterprise social networking platform, introduced last year with applications for internal corporate collaboration. Clearvale Social Customer Management is instead focused on communities for collaboration with customers or partners, using the same basic tools of activity streams and social profiles.

Originally known as a maker of e-commerce software, BroadVision emerged as a celebrated participant in the dot-com boom of the 1990s, only to see its market value crater when the bubble burst. Though it still supports the e-commerce product line, the company has largely reinvented itself as a firm offering Web content management, content personalization, and, more recently, enterprise social software. Earlier this year, it introduced Clearvale Express, a free product for enterprises seeking to provide basic social networking capabilities to employees.

BroadView cited Aeroxchange, which makes supply chain management portal software for the airline industry, as an early adopter of Clearvale for Social CRM. Aeroxchange's development process requires collaborating directly with their customers--which are many of the largest airlines in the world--as well as with a complex network of manufacturers, repair service providers, distributors, designers, and consultants in their supply chain, according to the BroadVision press release. Aeroxchange used Clearvale to improve collaboration, while reducing the cost of Web meetings and phone calls and the volume of email traffic.

"Using a social, people-centric platform like Clearvale has not only facilitated better collaboration and communication, but allowed us to establish an interconnected ecosystem of networks for our various constituencies within a single system," Al Koszarek, President and CEO of Aeroxchange, said in a statement.

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