BYOE Era: How IT Can Lead

How can IT leaders meet the challenge when enterprise teams "go rogue" and implement new products and services without IT buy-in?

There are plenty of challenges involved in leading an IT organization in the era of Bring Your Own Everything (BYOE), but there are also plenty of opportunities.

That message became clear at the InformationWeek Conference in Las Vegas March 31 through April 1.

Executive presentations and panel session discussions here covered the full gamut of BYOE possibilities, including Bring Your Own Device, Bring Your Own Cloud, and even Bring Your Own Infrastructure.

During a panel session on April 1, IT leaders from Dish Network, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, and H.D. Smith shared their experiences in dealing with parts of the business that have "gone rogue" by circumventing IT when implementing products and services.

Rob Dravenstott, VP of IT application development and testing with Dish Network, shared the story of a "shadow IT" project that helped change the way IT operates at Dish Network. According to Dravenstott, a team in marketing used a corporate card to sign up for infrastructure-as-a-service, and stood up a server to take care of some marketing functions. All this was done without IT's knowledge.

Dravenstott noted that, fortunately, the shadow IT project was not used for a core part of the marketing infrastructure and did not have access to customer data because, eventually, it ended up getting hacked.

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