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Compuware Dives Deep Into Remote Application Performance

Compuware PureStack offers a 3-D view of software interactions as they cross systems to identify problems with individual components.
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Google Apps To Microsoft Office 365: 10 Lessons
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In the past, Compuware has been able to follow a software transaction, say a request for a Web application response, across different systems and maintain a horizontal view of its execution. Now it's adding the ability to take a deep vertical dive into the same transaction to explore what might be going wrong with any individual component.

Different products already do one of these things. Compuware is trying to pull both together in one product, PureStack, so that an application performance issue affecting end users can be located and identified, regardless of where it's hiding.

In the cloud era, newcomers such as AppDynamics, New Relic, ExtraHop Networks and Boundary are bringing enhanced views of app performance to remote IT managers. If it works as advertised, Compuware's ability to keep a view of software interactions as they cross systems, without losing the ability to analyze each part, is likely to find an audience.

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Released Tuesday, PureStack is an automatic discovery, mapping and data collection engine for running applications. Compuware requires that a PureStack agent be embedded in the application, and can use the data it sends to a collector, which turns it over to an analysis engine. PureStack runs on premises, but can provide a view of how an application is running in a cloud environment if a PureStack agent was placed on the workload's application.

"PurePath can go down to the code level and look for memory leaks," those freshly built, used and discarded software objects that begin to clog up a system's main memory if they're not cleaned up, said Kieran Taylor, director of product marketing for application performance management. PureStack is available at an entry-level price of $15,000 for small environments with a limited number of transactions. The price varies according to size of software infrastructure and volume of transactions, Taylor said.

He describes what PureStack does as developing a three-dimensional view, as opposed to the more typical two-dimensional view of monitoring or single-system in-depth view of an analysis system.