Embrace Enterprise 2.0 Trifecta

Half measures won't work. Enterprises must adopt social/mobile, cloud, and big data technologies—all of them, not just one or two.
There's no way to get at the value of this data using a traditional organizational model. There's just too much of it, and it's too messy and fast-changing.

There's also no way to get at the value with just one or even any two of the trifecta technologies. You need all three.

From missed opportunity to survival problem
In the past, when the technology to do something with such situations wasn't available, these situations weren't problems at all. Since nobody could solve them, they just became universally missed opportunities with low opportunity costs. It was data exhaust all around.

Now, as the E 2.0 technology stack comes together, we will see first-mover players in every sector attack opportunities that were being thrown away in the data exhaust.

Many will fail, but they will inspire others to start moving, and at least one will succeed in every industry. A grocery store chain that successfully tackles the example problem above will create a very high and real opportunity cost for competitors that don't, and opportunity costs will turn into actual costs as customers migrate to the successful competitor.

The true cost of half measures
There's an unacknowledged watershed in the Enterprise 2.0 conversation between the gradualists and the radicals. The gradualists look for an interpolated, linear path from 1.0 to 2.0.

I don't believe such a path exists. Half measures don't deliver half the value. The return equation on the complete E 2.0 technology set is highly non-linear. You have to go all-in.

This doesn't mean a gazillion dollar capital investment. You must go all-in in terms of commitment, but the execution must be agile, iterative, and experimental. Not experimental in the sense of should we do this? Experimental in the sense of we have to figure out how to make this work or we'll die.

Outside experts can't help you beyond a point. You have to put the thing together in your own unique way, around your own unique strengths. This makeover can't be outsourced.

Failure to adopt E 2.0 is no longer an option, because it means eventual failure of the business, as long as there's sufficient competition in a sector. Even effective monopolies aren't safe. They might enjoy a few extra years, but the disruption will leak in from around them. No industry sector is an island.

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