Emerging Tech to Help Guard Against the Malevolence of Cloud Outages

From the outermost edge of extreme networks to the center of the energy vortex, emerging technologies are set to permanently end cloud outages. Will they eventually eradicate the clouds, too?
Rainy Night with thunderstorm and lightning over The Gargoyles of Notre Dame in Paris
Moai statues against cloudy sky at sunrise
Silhouettes of the statues situated on the roofs of Madrid, Spain, at sunset
Statues of lions on Chain Bridge in Budapest at sunrise
Gargoyles or chimeras on the Notre Dame de Paris overlooking Paris
The Dragon statues at the Dragon Bridge and Cathedral of St. Nicholas at the background in center of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Protector kii at Pu O Honaunau National Historic Park, Hawaii
South gate of Angkor Thom along with a bridge of statues of gods and demons
Statue of mythology jackal anubis inpu anup. In the background is a supersonic plane.
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