Enterprise 2.0 Conference Preview: Harnessing The Web Transformation

Get ready for the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston June 9 - 12. where attendees will get an up-close look at how SaaS and Cloud Computing, Search 2.0, and social networking in the enterprise are reinventing the way companies do business.
"Exhibitor interest this year has created an exceptional line-up of the companies driving Enterprise 2.0, from smaller players and start-ups to industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, OpentText, and Oracle," Wylie explains. "We anticipate over 1,200 business and IT professionals will be there, which includes C-level executives, Department and product leaders."

But perhaps the real value of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference is not that there are so many companies planning to attend, but that the attendees are such a diverse group covering a host of industries, each adding something unique to the conference as a whole.

For every IBM, the Enterprise 2.0 Conference will feature a company like Zoho, which specializes in online office applications. For each Google, there is a, which offers tools for sharing and managing data online. In other words, Enterprise 2.0 won't simply feature the large companies that have already made a name in the Web 2.0 space. Instead, Enterprise 2.0 gives each company a fair shake and offers attendees the opportunity to learn something new from companies of all sizes.

The Demo Pavilion

Amid all the talk about Web 2.0 from keynote speakers and tutorials, the Demo Pavilion will provide a fresh escape. Instead of listening to one person speak about a given topic, the Demo Pavilion will provide attendees with the opportunity of being exposed to a far more diverse set of organizations and ideas that could have a more direct impact on their business.

Specifically designed with networking in mind, the Demo Pavilion should "help you find the right products and services for your organization." And with a list of exhibitors that ranges from larger companies like IBM and Microsoft to much smaller organizations like Connectbeam and InQuira, just about anyone should be able to find exactly what they're looking for each day.

"The Demo Pavilion provides attendees with the chance to meet face-to-face with over 60 exhibitors, which includes the hottest start ups to the big-name vendors," Wylie points out. Attendees will have an opportunity to try out the latest social computing tools and technologies at the pavilion.

Demo Pavilion attendance is scattered through the day on Tuesday June 10 and Wednesdy June 11, but a cocktail reception to end both days is probably the attendee's best bet of networking.

Who Should Be There?

The Enterprise 2.0 conference is designed for anyone interested in learning more about Web 2.0 properties and those who want to integrate that online component into their existing business. In the past, C-level Executives, Departmental Managers, Product Managers, and Vice Presidents have attended the show, but those involved in CIO/CTO, IT management, networking and telecommunications will easily find a number of reasons to be in attendance.

The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is shaping up to be a major hit with attendees and organizations alike. And with a wide array of offerings that should help those in attendance gain a better understanding of how Web 2.0 can play an important role in the enterprise going forward, it looks like June 9 through June 12 in Boston will be a major event for all parties involved.

"The Enterprise 2.0 Conference plays a vital role in defining how Web 2.0 will be adopted in business," Wylie said. "As the largest Enterprise 2.0 conference gathering, this is the most important event of the year for anyone involved in the transition to Enterprise 2.0."