Google Automates Apps With Scripting System

Search giant expects enterprise users to employ Google Apps Scripts for scheduling and procurement, transportation planning, and other business automation functions.
Google Apps Script isn’t yet publicly available. Google plans to offer it to about 1,000 Google Apps customers for testing purposes. The company has posted details on its enterprise blog. At the moment, Google Apps Script allows the creation of scripts to access and change cell data in Google Docs spreadsheets. Eventually, it will allow Calendar event automation, Gmail automation, Web page data fetching, translation, and other functions.

Rochelle expects companies to use Google Apps Scripts for scheduling and procurement, transportation planning, timed purchasing, approval workflows and a variety of other business automation functions. He said the technology should be particularly interesting to integration partners. Indeed, Google's chosen partners at the press event sounded interested. Ed Laczynski, the founder of cloud computing services company LTech, characterized the business potential of the Google ecosystem as "an ocean of opportunity."

What Google is offering, he said, is "really a disruptive thing when you look at the cost comparisons with traditional on–premises collaboration solutions."

This of course is the party line: Google services cost less, do more, and are more secure. It's a mantra Google has been repeating for years. And apparently some companies have gotten the message: According to Glotzbach, the number of organizations bringing 1,000 or more users to Google Apps is growing.

For the developers at Google's conference, that's good news: Developing for the consumer market place can be a gamble, but corporate development typically pays.

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