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How To Share Files Among Mac and PCs

Share files among PCs and Macs with the Windows Live Mesh 2011 free utility.
Now try syncing between your PC and Mac. On your Mac, launch Safari and download Windows Live Mesh for Mac

The installer starts immediately upon download. Drag the Windows Live Mesh icon to the Applications folder.

After that, go into your Applications folder and launch Windows Live Mesh.

The first time you launch Live Mesh on the Mac, log into your Windows Live Account. Use the same one you used to sign in with on the Windows PC. Then, again, check the boxes remembering your ID and password to sign in automatically. This makes it easier to sync your files and folders.

After sign in, the system will display the folders you shared on the Windows PC. To start syncing a folder from the Mac, click on Sync a Folder.

Browse to the Mac folder you want to sync up to the Windows PC.

After you select the folder, choose the Windows machine you want to sync to. You also are able to sync up to your SkyDrive for cloud storage. Click OK.

At first, none of the Windows folders will show up as synced to the Mac. So start the process. Click on the folder you want. Click the button to Start Syncing.

Click Sync again if you want to sync to the home folder on the Mac. Or, if you want it to sync to a different directory, you can do that too.

Then the sync process will start.

When all of the folders are synced up between machines, you'll see the message that everything updated successfully.

Now you'll find the synced folders from your Windows computer in the home folder on your Mac.

Back on the Windows computers you are syncing with, you can see the directory where the shared Mac files are located. Click on the Location link to open the folder to view them.

If you have a mixed network environment at home or the office, Windows Live Mesh 2011 is a great way to share and sync folders among them.

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