IBM Unveils PureSystems Private Cloud Packages

IBM has long pitched systems that configure, manage, and heal themselves, but its new PureSystems integrated hardware and software offerings update that strategy for the cloud model.
EcoLogic execs said customizing their software for a platform that automates configuration, administration, and troubleshooting tasks means a better chance of successful customer engagements--and more software sales.

"The ability to go through those best practices to configure applications on a technology that can be deployed quickly shortens the amount of time a customer would need to spend on preparation to get the benefit of the application," said EcoLogic president Craig Norman, in an interview. "There’s less risk that a project goes off the rails."

Other ISVs that IBM is working with to tailor their software for the PureSystems line, and make their offerings available through a new, app store-like Websphere portal include Sugar CRM, SAP hosting specialist Symmetry, and e-signature software developer Silanis.

Adkins said the hallmark of all systems in the PureSystems line is that they will carry built-in intelligence that hard codes much of the IT deployment and administration knowledge that IBM has learned through years of customer service engagements. "We've integrated compute, storage, networking, and skill into a box," said Adkins.

"In the past we’ve done things like AS/400, which was a server with an integrated database. That improved the experience for many of our midmarket and SMB clients. What this product does is integrate more of the infrastructure capabilities in terms of not just the server, but storage and networking. It’s also tuned to various application environments like database, Web, and Java. In our opinion this is very new."

Industry analyst Richard Ptak, of Ptak/Noel, agreed. He said that, while the automation and management technologies in Pure are "part of a path that IBM has been on" for some time, the company "has taken a big step forwards. The intelligence is built in and exercised automatically. There's intelligence about detecting what are the things that can go wrong, how to reconfigure, how to reprovision." Ptak said converged infrastructures from rival vendors, such as HP, which on Tuesday launched its Converged Cloud offering, are more like "pools of resources" rather than truly integrated, intelligent systems.

IBM said the first systems in the PureSystems line, PureFlex and PureApplication, will be available in the second quarter.

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