iPhone iOS 4 Upgrade Kills 3G Access?

User reports indicate that Apple's operating system update is blocking connections to AT&T's data networks—at least for some.
Numerous iPhone users are complaining that they've lost access to AT&T's Edge and 3G data networks following an upgrade to the phone's latest operating system—iOS 4.

"I updated 3 different iPhone 3Gs and one of them cannot access anything over 3G or Edge," wrote iPhone user 'Hitter18', on Monday on a support forum maintained by Apple "If I flip on the Wi-Fi, I can access the Internet. I also performed a reset and erased all settings and content, and still no luck," griped the frustrated user.

Many others reported similar trouble. "I'm experiencing the same issue; data was fine before I updated," wrote user 'TerryRocks'. The problem does not appear to be confined to the U.S. "I have the same problem here in the UK," said 'MJDalby07'. "I've checked all the APN settings and the cellular data button is on," the Brit confirmed.

The glitch could be widespread. A thread devoted to the topic on Apple's support forum had drawn more than 18,000 views as of midday Wednesday. Apple has not commented on the issue.

Some iPhone users have complained that the iOS 4 update is also causing other problems--from lost files to phones that no longer work at all. And many user reports indicate the upgrade causes photos to appear blurry, at least until the device is reset.

It's not uncommon for a major new software release to cause problems—either due to bugs or user error. Vendors generally manage to sort out most problems within days by clarifying installation instructions or issuing a patch.

Indeed, many iPhone users said the upgrade to iOS 4 was smooth. "Mine took only a few minutes with zero problems," said Dgreen, in a forum post.

Apple released iOS 4 on Monday.

Many of the new features, such as multitasking, are designed to work with the new iPhone 4, which goes on sale in the U.S. on Thursday. The feature lets users engage in a number of tasks or activities simultaneously. For instance, they could listen to a Pandora music stream while using other third-party apps.

Multitasking also works with iPhone 3GS when upgraded to iOS 4.

iOS 4 also eases application organization through a feature that lets users create new folders simply by dragging one app icon on top of another of the same category, such as Games.

E-mail display has also been improved, as iPhone OS 4 offers a unified inbox that pulls together messages from all of a user's e-mail accounts. All told, iOS 4 offers more than 100 new features or enhancements. It can be downloaded from Apple's Web site or iTunes store. Apple said it plans to release a version of the software for the iPad tablet computer later this year.

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