Oracle Revs Fusion Middleware 11g

Oracle President Charles Phillips traveled to Washington, D.C. to host the launch of the next-gen foundation for the company's Fusion Applications.
But applications frequently need a highly similar set of services, such as identity management and entitlement management, or fine grained assignment of privileges based on the user's role. "The services that each application needs probably ought to be provided in middleware," not in each application itself, said Phillips.

Included in the announced Fusion 11g enhancements were:

  • Oracle SOA Suite is optimized for building services on the grid or in the cloud. It's designed to allow developers to assemble composite applications of many parts with unified management of the resulting app. Business processes within the application can be tracked by the Mutli-Dimensional Business Process Management function, with three different types of processes combined under its supervision.

    They are automated business processes in software, human-intervention and manual workflow business processes and document-based business processes. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides visibility into and an audit trail of business processes. Service components based on a standard service component architecture can be built in SCA Designer, another piece of the suite. Complex event processing has been added to analyze a business process to determine whether it is performing as expected and provide alerts is some steps start to fail.

  • Oracle WedLogic Suite springs from Oracle's acquisition of BEA Systems and its cornerstone of the WebLogic application server. ActiveCache has been added to the suite so that the data being used by any application can be pulled into server random access memory and accessed more quickly there.

  • Oracle WebCenter Suite provides a set of Web services components to provide social networking or personal productivity features to a Web portal, on an intranet or in a composite application. One feature of the suite is WebCenter Composer, a declarative programming tool used in a browser that allows a developer or business user to generate a social network feature or portal.

  • Oracle Identity Management offers the first components of an integrated identity management suite. The suite includes fine-grained identity management features that can both authenticate a user for access to multiple applications and assess what level of permissions and privilege he should have with each. The suite includes Deployment Accelerators, for quick implementation of additions or changes to the identity management system.

  • Oracle Development Tools for Fusion Middleware expands the capabilities of JDeveloper, Oracle's core integrated development environment, and Application Development Framework, its platform for rapid application development and deployment, connecting new code to other parts of the Oracle software infrastructure.