Smartphone Death Match: iPhone 4 Versus Droid X

Our mobile expert pits the Apple iPhone 4 against the Motorola Droid X to name the better enterprise smartphone.

And the Winner Is...

The iPhone 4 and Droid X are well matched. Each offers distinct advantages over its rival. The Droid X beats the iPhone 4 when it comes to phone and call performance, dropped calls, battery life, and enterprise application support. The iPhone 4 surpasses the Droid X when it comes to enterprise security and general usability.

Even though the Droid X does better at many of the essentials, it fails on the most important factor: security. If you're looking to deploy either of these devices in your enterprise right now, the iPhone 4 wins -- but only until the Droid X is updated to Android 2.2. Once the Droid X receives Android 2.2, it will match the iPhone 4 in security and enterprise features.

Rather than deploy now and worry about security later, I'd recommend that any business interested in the Droid X wait until the device ships with Android 2.2 out of the box. It should only be a month or two at most. If you can wait that long, the Droid X is the better phone to choose.

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Editor's note: An explanation of iPhone enterprise apps developed in-house was corrected.

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