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Symplified Offers Federated ID For Cloud

The SinglePoint system can be used to manage a user's identity across multiple cloud applications such as the suite.
Symplified, a Boulder, Colo., cloud security startup, has added user provisioning and account management to its SinglePoint Cloud Identity Manager system.

The SinglePoint system can be used to manage a user's identity across multiple cloud applications, such as the suite, from either inside the enterprise or remotely, using the platform. The SinglePoint system integrates with the enterprise's Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP user identity directories.

The SinglePoint system is designed to enforce, extend, or revoke security permissions to an end user's activity in the external cloud, based on his on-premises identity. It centralizes and automates the previously manual work of updating an account for new users or removing access privileges for employees who have left the company, said Eric Olden, founder and CEO of Symplified.

The system can manage a user's identity across multiple applications in the cloud or that of another software-as-a-service supplier, and coordinate a user's identity for use in both enterprise and cloud applications. "By extending identities in for federated single sign-on, access control and provisioning, we are making it easier for enterprises to migrate gradually to the cloud," said Olden.

The SinglePoint Cloud Identity Manager consists of three core components:

  • The SinglePoint Identity Manager, which converts into a user repository service for single sign-on, authentication, access control policies and Web experience personalization.

  • SinglePoint Cloud Identity Manager now gives end users the ability to self provision and invoke a password reset service if necessary, while administrators can set policies and make configuration changes.

  • SinglePoint Provisioning Gateway uses the Service Provisioning Markup Language to directly manage users' identities in cloud applications. It also uses the markup language to integrate SinglePoint services with a third party service. One such third party is Identropy, which makes IC2 or Identity Connector for the Cloud, a coordination system between enterprise identity management and access to software-as-a-service applications.

The SinglePoint Cloud Identity Manager is an online service from Symplified, with subscription fees ranging from $1 to $3 per user.