YouSendIt Gives Enterprises New SharePoint Power

With a SharePoint plugin and Active Directory integration, YouSendIt Workstream promises greater enterprise control over file sharing across organizations and devices.
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YouSendIt entered the enterprise world Tuesday in an attempt to bust out of its niche as a popular workaround for file size limits on email.

YouSendIt Workstream integrates with Active Directory and SharePoint, making it easier to assert enterprise control over file sharing outside the firewall.

In December, YouSendIt expanded from its position as a digital courier service for sending files too large to be transmitted by email, adding file storage and synchronization. That was its entry into the popular and hotly contested market shared by Dropbox, Box, and many others, including the OpenText Tempo product released Monday.

"Think Outlook integrated with Dropbox, plus Box, plus FTP," said Tony Nemelka, chief marketing officer of YouSendIt, claiming to have achieved the best of all worlds for "robust content collaboration outside as well as inside the enterprise."

"I don't want to leave the impression that we're moving away from our freemium model," Nemelka added, referring the company's tradition of offering a free consumer version of its product with upgrades to professional editions. "That's continuing to be a core part of our strategy and a core part of our business, which is still rapidly growing."

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However, Workstream is courting the market of organizations that want to go beyond the professional license to asserting centralized control over security. For example, Workstream allows administrators to blacklist Internet domains that files cannot be transmitted to through the service.

The base version of YouSendIt includes Outlook integration, but Workstream adds a SharePoint plugin, making it possible to select files to be shared from within the SharePoint interface. This will be the first of a series of application integrations YouSendIt will deliver over the coming months, Nemelka said.

"Without making any announcements, you might think about CAD systems, for example," or integration with records, he said. "We're also thinking about creative professional types of applications. The idea is to not force people to step away from how they're doing their jobs."

One customer that tested the application, Southeast regional law firm Burr & Forman, estimated that it would be able to generate $160,000 in increased billing capacity just by streamlining the process of sharing documents, Nemelka said.

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