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Cyber-Threats Outpace Security Measures, Says McAfee CEO

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InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, Sep 19, 2007

Editor's Note

7 Reasons Desktop Linux Won't Succeed

If it's free and as good as its competitor, why hasn't Linux displaced Windows on the desktop? Why can't it move the needle beyond its pitiful desktop market share of between 1% and 2%?

These are the questions I asked myself when I took a hard look at the status of the open-source operating system. The result is 7 Reasons Why Linux Won't Succeed On The Desktop.

I hope you'll read the article and join an online debate on the subject by posting your comments at the bottom of the article. (Simply scroll down to the bottom of any page of the story.)

I recognize Linux has a strong presence on the server side. It's its inability to gain ground on the desktop that's at issue. Perhaps Ubuntu will change the equation, especially since Dell is offering several systems with the OS pre-installed, but I doubt it. Dell has too much invested in moving Windows machines for Linux to be anything but an interesting sideline.

One seldom-mentioned dynamic of the Windows-versus-Linux landscape is that it belies the accepted wisdom that everything in the business world devolves to a cost-benefit analysis. Clearly (Microsoft doesn't agree, but take my word for it), Linux and make for a cheaper desktop than do Windows and Office.

The fact that few businesses, and hardly any major corporations, have gone totally open source means there's more at work here than simply dollars and cents. My take is that conformity plays a large, but rarely discussed, role in commerce. In this regard, Microsoft, like IBM in an earlier era, is simply the way to go.

You'll note I refer to Linux supporters as "fanboys." It's not meant pejoratively. Rather, my intent is to use what I consider a fair, descriptive term for overenthusiastic and myopic techies who brook no disagreement with their views.

So, while they can call me names, I don't think they'll be able to rebut my argument on its merits. What do you think? Have I presented an airtight case that Linux is doomed on the desktop?

Alexander Wolfe

Quote of The Day

"Of course, if we had a marketing department that had a strong say, they'd make us call [the new Linux kernel] some sexy name, "Panther," or "Vista," or whatever." -- Linus Torvalds

Top Stories

Cyber-Threats Outpace Security Measures, Says McAfee CEO
McAfee CEO David DeWalt says cyber-crime has become a $105 billion business that now surpasses the value of the illegal drug trade worldwide.

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McAfee's DeWalt Pushes For Legislation To Battle Cybercriminals

Attorney Alleges Ameritrade Knew Of Security Breach A Year Ago

After Short Break, Storm Worm Fires Back Up With New Tricks

White Paper

Google Launches AdSense for Mobile

There are about 6.6 billion people in the world and about half that many mobile phone subscriptions. Better still, ad blocking on mobile handsets isn't an issue. At least not yet.

Alaska Airlines Plans To Provide In-Flight Wireless Broadband Next Year

Row 44 and Alaska Air said they plan to test a satellite-based service next spring with expectations that the airline's fleet can be equipped with Wi-Fi service in 2008.

SAP To Unveil Web-Delivered Business Software

SAP AG will unveil Wednesday a line of business management programs to be delivered over the Web, becoming the first major software company to make a big bet on software as a service.

In Health-Care Push, Dell Takes Over IT For Seton Family Hospitals

The new six-year deal announced on Tuesday is an expansion of an existing relationship, with Dell taking over full management of Seton's IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Releases SP1 For .Net Micro

The software features a number of enhancements to help users build secure and compatible applications for resource constrained environments.

Intel Promises Wi-Fi-WiMax Chipset In 2008

Laptop makers Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Panasonic, and Toshiba are all signed up for Intel's upcoming 25-watt Montevina mobile platform.

IronPort Delivers Intel-Based Anti-Spam Acceleration

The company revises its AsyncOS software for advanced mail servers as spammers attempt to evade filters with image-based messages.

Intel Unveils Smaller Chips For Servers, PCs

The company is quickly shifting to 45-nm and 32-nm production techniques to allow for smaller computers that use less power.

Cyber-Threats Outpace Security Measures, Says McAfee CEO

McAfee CEO David DeWalt says cyber-crime has become a $105 billion business that now surpasses the value of the illegal drug trade worldwide.

Microsoft Releases Office 2003 SP3

Security takes center stage including allowing users to control which macros run in legacy Excel files, potentially blocking malicious code.

Storm Worm Botnet Attacks Anti-Spam Firms

Organizations like the Spamhaus Project and have been under attacks for months, but they've managed to stay online.

The iPhone Debuts In The U.K.

But other European countries must hold their collective breath to see which service providers will get rights to market the phone.

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SpiralFrog Offers Free Music -- For A Price
The iTunes model of moving individual music and videos files to users in return for small fees has become hard to beat. Universal Music Group is trying with its new SpiralFrog site, which offers media downloads free of charge -- but with several strings attached.

Linux And Hand-Me-Down Computing
My father recently retired a 1-Ghz AMD computer with 1 Gbyte of RAM that he'd built from mail-ordered parts. He'd dropped the cash for a new Dell with Vista, which he likes quite a lot (no grousing, please, it happens), and let me have the old machine. My first move: Wipe it clean, install Linux, and prepare it for an exercise in "hand-me-down computing."

Sprint Ups The Mobile Search Ante
Sprint and Microsoft put their strategic partnership to use and developed a new search platform for Sprint subscribers. It ties together Live Search, LBS services and voice-based search to provide better local search results.

The U.K. Gets An iPhone
At today's "Mum is no longer the word" press conference held in London, Steve Jobs announced that O2 will be carrying the iPhone in the United Kingdom. Too bad there's no 3G on board, or anything else new.

What's The Definition Of Innovation?
CIOs don't have to be idea people. They have to make ideas work.

Is Your Corporate Blog Flame-Resistant?
I got a surprising answer when I asked a question during today's "Web 2.0 Gets Business Chops" panel discussion at the InformationWeek 500 conference in Tucson, Ariz. My question was, "How do you handle off-topic discussions or inappropriate postings on corporate blogs and wikis?"

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Utilizing Enterprise Management Systems to Support Lean Manufacturing
The pressure on manufacturing organizations has increased dramatically over the last 15 years. Lean manufacturing is now widely adopted as a strategy for focusing on customer value-adding activities through striving towards continuous improvement. This paper explores the increasing role software solutions play in supporting lean manufacturing.

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