8 New Year's Resolutions For Enterprise Developers

Every year around this time, people make stupid resolutions, such as, "Drink less coffee" or "Learn Esperanto." Here's a look at 8 New Year's resolutions that might do some serious good for enterprise software developers.
Read "The Agile Manifesto"
Learn A New Language
Play A Game
Read The Zen Of Python
Take A Mainframe Note
Learn From The Cloud
Build One Culture
Spread The Love

It's that time of the year again, time to look back on the old year and resolve to take steps to make the new one better. If your organization moved from waterfall development disciplines to an agile development methodology (or DevOps) in 2015, you're probably looking for steps to ease the transition. 

That's because moving from waterfall development disciplines (where many of us learned how to do the whole "development thing") to agile or its successors can be hard on an organization. It's not that agile is bad (though you'll hear some people swear that it is), but that agile is so very different. Different is difficult when human beings are involved.

To help you get past the "difficult," I have some suggestions for New Year's resolutions that might help. Some of these are simple -- spend a little time reading, and you can cross a successfully completed resolution off your list. Others are more difficult, largely because they involve other people. But you can always look back at those resolutions you've completed for encouragement.

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Every organization and situation is unique, but these resolutions can apply to many different sets of issues. Even if you think you're farther along the path than the point where these resolutions would seem to apply, going back to revisit the basics can be a good refresher before moving to more advanced topics.

Where are you and your organization on the path to agile? Is everyone embracing the new discipline? Are you taking the next step into DevOps? Or is your organization still chasing waterfalls? Let me know. I'd love to understand where you are so I can fulfill one of my resolutions for the coming year: To bring more valuable stories (in print and on the radio) about enterprise development to InformationWeek for our readers.

So, let me know about your experience in enterprise development -- and what you want to hear about more often. 2015 has been a most interesting year and I'm looking forward to a 2016 that is no less exciting, but far less stressful for all of us. (Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

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