Reflection X Advantage 2.0 Attaches Users To Unix Apps

Attachmate's multiplatform X server offers support to remote and mobile users who need access to graphical Unix applications.
Attachmate has unveiled its multiplatform Reflection X Advantage 2.0, which connects remote Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac desktop users to graphical Unix-based applications.

Announced Monday, the multiplatform X server is enhanced with Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) and Secure Shell (SSH) support designed to optimize performance for high-latency and low-bandwidth networks.

"Reflection X Advantage version 2.0 offers support to remote and mobile users who need access to graphical Unix applications with improved performance and more freedom when using these applications in different locations," Sam Morris, Attachmate's product marketing manager, said in a statement. "By driving server consolidation in the data center, Reflection X helps IT organizations reduce energy resources."

New features of the 2.0 release include capability for displaying Gnome and KDE desktops from Windows PCs, Mac OS X workstations or Linux workstations. Attachmate said desktop sessions can be suspended and resumed or transferred seamlessly to other workstations.

The new release includes a fault-tolerance feature that enables users to recover X sessions that have been interrupted by network outages or workstation crashes. The distributed architecture of the new release, Attachmate said, also enables X applications to be "launched, suspended, resumed, transferred, and shared."

The company noted that the new version is available immediately for evaluation.

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