8 Secret Habits Of Successful CIOs

CIOs today must keep the lights on, but also transform the business to meet the demands of real-time customer requirements. How do they stay productive? How do they find the right people to hire? What traits do they nurture? What secrets keep them ahead of the game? We've collected the top secret habits of successful CIOs here.
Start Your Day Early
Nurture Relationships
Make New Friends
Create A Collaborative Environment
Use Your Drive Time
Credibility And Courage
Picking Partners
Hiring The Right Employees
Make A Map

Do you consider yourself successful in the role of CIO? The definition of success for CIOs has probably changed as much as the job description has changed over the last few years. Yet some CIOs seem to be navigating the changes and even thriving in a new environment.

Today's most successful CIOs must lead two distinct efforts. They must "keep the lights on" with their existing infrastructure and serve their user bases with ever-tightening IT budgets. At the same time they must pivot to serve a new fundamental need as technology becomes an underpinning to all the services their organizations provide to customers.

Leon Kappelman, professor of Information Systems at the University of North Texas's College of Business and the lead for an annual CIO trends study for the Society for Information Management, believes that this new environment will bring new faces to the role of CIO.

"I think we may be at a watershed moment, and five years from now perhaps half of the current batch of CIOs will be CIOs," Kappelman told InformationWeek. That's a gigantic change at the top for IT organizations.


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This changing of the guard at the top will be driven by the transformation in the industry, generational factors, and a requirement for new skill sets. Today's CIOs and aspiring CIOs must take a hard look at their own competencies and habits as they gear up to lead tomorrow's organizations.

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InformationWeek regularly speaks with successful CIOs and IT executives about projects, strategy, and vision. We're always looking out for the secrets that others can use to help drive results within their own organizations. Which habits help CIOs achieve success? 

Once you've reviewed our list, tell us how many of these habits you've incorporated into your work. If you have a habit that has helped you achieve success in your own IT leadership role, please share it with us all in the comments section below.


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