Gates On A Plane: Samuel L. Jackson As Bill?

Bill Gates uses Reddit chat to discuss new role advising Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -- and he names the actor Melinda Gates would like to watch play Bill in a movie.

Bing. The search engine has faced criticism for failing to challenge Google, but Bing's underlying technologies have expanded beyond web queries, branching into location-aware apps and, one day soon, perhaps even a Siri-like personal assistant.

Even if Gates, Ballmer, and Nadella agree on many of the same broad goals, the devil will be in the details. Coming months will tell whether the Gates-Nadella pairing helps Microsoft bring some of its most promising ideas to fruition.

In addition to hinting at future Microsoft strategies, Gates also expressed support for digital currency and repeatedly championed education. He also said his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation doesn't yet have results from its condom project, which is intended to decrease the transmission of HIV.

Noting that Ashton Kutcher recently portrayed Apple founder Steve Jobs in a film, one Redditor asked who should be cast in a movie about Gates's life. Gates declined to reveal his ideal choice but said his wife "would probably watch" a version with Samuel L. Jackson in the lead. Chat participants responded with a deluge of "Pulp Fiction" and "Snakes on a Plane"-inspired quotes, including gems such as, "C++, mother****er, do you speak it?"

Gates's affluence naturally attracted questions. He said "owning a plane is a guilty pleasure," but noted it allows him to visit "a lot of places for foundation work I wouldn't be able to go to without it." He also said he washes the dishes at home, stating that he likes the way he cleans them, and that he wouldn't use his wealth to "artificially prolong" his life, declaring, "I wouldn't want to extend my last few years unless that is happening for most people."

When asked to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Gates said that simply creating an innovative company is already "a huge contribution to the world."

But he said successful people will "ideally" begin to "mix in some philanthropy like Mark Zuckerberg has early in his career."

Gates concluded his chat by releasing a second video.

In this one, he and the Reddit alien spend a day hanging out, playing chess, and even collaborating on a complex math problem.

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