Is It Time To Ask For A Raise?

IT executives who are female or over 55 years old may be underpaid compared to their peers, according to InformationWeek's 2014 US IT Salary Survey.

Are you due for a raise? If you're a female IT executive, or more than 55 years old, your answer might well be a resounding "Yes!" Let's take a look at highlights of the InformationWeek 2014 US IT Salary Survey, released May 19, to see how your compensation stacks up.

This far-reaching survey polled more than 11,000 respondents in all walks of IT life -- from admins and developers to C-level executives. The survey results are broken up into a series of reports on There's a wealth of valuable information here for those looking to hire as well as for those who are looking to advance their own careers.

For today, though, I'm looking only at one slice of the results: IT executives.

In this category, the survey received responses from 328 CIOs, 239 CTOs, and 447 VPs of IT. What interests me most is what the survey reveals about median compensation for IT executives "of a certain age" and for females in these leadership roles. Let's start with the basics: How much do IT leaders earn? The table below shows median compensation levels for each job title over the past three years.

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