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In Search Of Innovation

The idea of one tool being able to search through enterprise systems is very intriguing. Is Google looking into the Sarbanes-Oxley implications? Financial data security is one of the top concerns in the SOX world. Will Google's OneBox provide the means to control access to data that's considered sensitive? If not, Google needs to add that capability. Having corporatewide access to any set of data would be a nonstarter. --Bret King

Before Peer Review, You Need The Peers

Peer review is based on the premise that well-trained people in the field, knowledgeable of the work, are doing the review. Unfortunately, today we have IT professionals who vouch opinions on areas they know little about. That's not peer review. All you have to do is look at the discussion of Windows security versus Linux security to know that emotion overwhelms reason. The real problem is finding peers. If you can solve the peer problem, then peer review will work in IT. --Clare Jarvis

Apple Is Secretly Plotting Global Domination--Or Not

Boot Camp is meaningless. Boot Camp brings no real advantage, because you have to reboot to go between OS X and Windows. What the world is waiting for is a machine that does the virtualization in firmware, so that we can boot up any number of instances of Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X concurrently, and go between them. Think mainframe on your desktop. --John Dudeck

Apple has been unable to determine whether it's a hardware or software company. If Apple wanted to gain market share, it would let companies like Dell sell the Mac OS pre-installed and really give Windows competition. The operating system is great, but the lack of choices in hardware and software and price have forced many of us to choose Windows. Everyone wants to see a real competitor to Windows, and we all know it's Mac. But until Apple wakes up and promotes the real asset that is Apple on other hardware systems, we won't be able to have the diversification of choice and multiple manufacturing minds. --Dan

Brilliant decision. [Microsoft] should be concerned. As Windows users move back and forth between XP and OS X, they're going to fall in love with the Mac system. ... When users see how the Mac is both intuitive and easy to use, they'll clamor for their company to switch. Mac's market share is going to blossom. --Larry

Software Career Paradox

If you're a veteran of the field, stay in it, they need your experience. At least for now. If you're new to it, find something with a future. You won't be able to compete with the offshore salaries in Thailand and China. Companies seem to care about cheap talent, not so much good talent. --Thor

I was a software engineer for 15 years for a major software company. We started outsourcing the programming jobs, and because I had the product experience and knowledge, I was appointed to head up the outsourcing projects. In that function, I found that getting into project management is more lucrative and harder to outsource. I went back to graduate school, ... the best career move I've ever made. --Kim

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