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Google's Secret Patent Portfolio Predicts gPhone

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InformationWeek Daily - Thursday, Sep 20, 2007

Editor's Note

SpiralFrog Offers Free Music -- For A Price

The iTunes model of moving individual music and videos files to users in return for small fees has become hard to beat. There's a new contender, however: SpiralFrog, which offers media downloads free of charge -- but with several strings attached.

According to press accounts, SpiralFrog's intended audience are those 20-somethings who have the inclination to spend a lot of time on the site researching music -- and, in the meantime, viewing advertising. In return, it offers what looks like a fairly wide range of free downloads from the Universal Music Group.

But wait, there's more.

First, this is a Windows-only service. I'm not sure why SpiralFrog's creators decided to bypass the many potential users who own Macs -- or the very many music lovers who own iPods -- but there it is. Then there's the fact that SpiralFrog uses DRM to regulate use of its content and won't let users burn downloaded music to a CD -- PCs or media players only, if you please. And then there's the monthly registration.

Once registered, you have to re-register each month in order to keep using the service. This process will involve answering "some questions about yourself" -- questions that, according to the site's FAQ, will be used to aggregate marketing information in order to increase advertising revenue.

You don't want to re-register? Your choice -- but 31 days later, you will no longer be able to download music, and 61 days later, any songs and videos you've already downloaded will no longer play. (Remember the DRM?)

It will be interesting to see how far SpiralFrog users will allow themselves to be pushed when it comes to the re-registration process. What if there are questions that you'd rather not answer? Having to do with, oh, say, how much you spend on entertainment? Or what books you like to read? Or what causes you espouse?

I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there who will accept that this is an appropriate way for "providing the content creators with more cash for the songs and videos that you get to download at no cost." But how many consumers will be satisfied to jump through that many hoops in order to get their free music downloads? Enough to keep SpiralFrog alive? It's possible -- but I have my doubts.

Does SpiralFrog's strategy make sense to you? Offer your opinion at the InformationWeek Blog.

Barbara Krasnoff

Quote of The Day

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." -- Albert Einstein

Top Stories

Google's Secret Patent Portfolio Predicts gPhone
An analysis of Google's worldwide patent portfolio shows the search giant's filings include not only mobile-phone tech, but also video games and TV.

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White Paper

Medco Sys Admin Pleads Guilty To Computer Sabotage

New Jersey man tells the court he planted the logic bomb on the prescription manager's network when he suspected he was going to be laid off.

Intel Ups Performance, Lowers Power Use In Upcoming Mobile Chips

Enabling smaller, faster mobile devices is the company's goal in developing chipsets that promise significant improvements in processor performance, power consumption, and size.

WiMax Consumer Links Launched As Mainstream Adoption Gets Closer

Airspan and Navini prepare to sell new modems in advance of a push for the wireless standard in the next few years.

Dell Launches Computer Recycling Services For Small Businesses

For $25 an item, the company will dispose of unwanted computers and report how the system's data was cleansed before recycling.

Google's Secret Patent Portfolio Predicts gPhone

An analysis of Google's worldwide patent portfolio shows the search giant's filings include not only mobile-phone tech, but also video games and TV.

Vulnerability Discovered In Microsoft Windows Libraries

The U.S.-CERT is warning about a buffer overflow vulnerability in the MFC42 and MFC71 libraries offered natively in Windows.

SAP Launches 'New Era' With On-Demand Software

SAP Business ByDesign automates a wide range of business processes and will cost companies $149 per user per month.

Business Travelers Feed Wi-Fi Hotspot Growth

Average daily usage of Wi-Fi by travelers increased 25% to 85 minutes in the first half of this year, according to a survey from iPass

CIOs Should Prepare Now For Boomers Retirement, Says Report

Assessing current staff skills and anticipating future needs is imperative, as the IT industry prepares for its first wave of employees hitting retirement age.

Halo 3 Release Date Blown As U.K. Merchant Ships Copies

A copy of Halo 3 has already turned up on eBay's UK Web site -- selling for about $500 U.S.

OpenOffice 2.3 The Latest Threat To Desktop King Microsoft

Fresh with support from IBM, the latest version adds capabilities to the suite's core word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications.

Mozilla Updates Firefox To Patch QuickTime Bug

Six days after proof-of-concept code was released for a long-unpatched bug in Apple's QuickTime media player, Firefox is updated with a fix.

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GPhone 'Definitely' In The Works, Google Possibly Waffling On 3G
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Wall Street Tech Elite Are Gonna Take Supercomputing To IT Main Street
What's in a supercomputer? Twenty years ago, the fastest machines in the world were specialty architectures designed by quirky geniuses like Seymour Cray. Today, the field's name has changed--it's called HPC, for high-performance computing--but it's still where the action is. That was definitely the deal Monday at the High Performance on Wall Street conference in New York City.

IW 500: Virtualizing Servers Is A High Wire Balancing Act
Virtualization is well under way at some shops, just getting started at others. The goal is primarily server consolidation, but many fringe benefits follow.

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The pressure on manufacturing organizations has increased dramatically over the last 15 years. Lean manufacturing is now widely adopted as a strategy for focusing on customer value-adding activities through striving towards continuous improvement. This paper explores the increasing role software solutions play in supporting lean manufacturing.

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