13 Free Apps For iPhone, iPod Touch

Get more out of your iPhone with some of our favorite free apps, including Twitterific, Facebook, Pandora, Wikipanion, and Instapaper.
10. Twitterific
Iconfactory's Twitterific lets you keep up with all your Twitter friends (a/ka/ your "tweeps") when you're out and about. Send and view messages, photos, and location updates. Twiterific includes its own mini-browser, so you don't have to shut down Twitterific and launch the iPhone's built-in Web browser just to view links people post to Twitter. Download Twitterific from the App Store.

1Password keeps an encrypted copy of your logins, passwords, and text notes.
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11. Wikipanion
Robert Chin's Wikipanion lets you access Wikipedia articles formated for easy reading on the iPhone or iPod Touch. You can run searches directly from Wikipedia without having to first navigate to the Wikipedia page, and change the font size of articles. When you open the application, Wikipedia returns to the last page you visited. And Wikipanion has international support. Download Wikipanion from the App Store.

12. Yelp
The Yelp app lets you access the Web-based social networking service for reviews of local restaurants, businesses, services, parks -- just about everything under the sun -- all over the U.S. and Canada. With your permission, Yelp accesses your location using the iPhone or iPod Touch's location awareness, and then runs searches near you. You can bookmark search results on the device for later access.

Let's say you're visiting Santa Fe and you feel like you'll have a guacamole explosion if you eat one more burrito. Yelp helps you find great pizza or Mediterranean food in the vicinity. You can also find dentists in La Mesa, Calif. or computer repair in New York.

Yelp is extremely powerful and useful -- but also bafflingly frustrating in its limitations. You can't log in to your Yelp account from your iPhone app, meaning that any bookmarks you've saved on the iPhone aren't easily accessible from the desktop, and vice-versa. You also can't follow your friends' reviews, and write your own from the iPhone app. Still, for what it does, the Yelp app for iPhone does a great job. Download Yelp from the App Store.

13. 1Password
Agile Web Solutions' 1Password keeps an encrypted store of your logins and passwords, and the URLs associated with them, along with credit-card and bank account numbers, freeform text notes -- anything you might want to carry with you encrypted in your pocket. 1Password lets you log in to password-protected Web sites with one tap. Optionally, you can synch it with the Mac desktop version of the app, sold separately for $35.95. Download 1Password from the App Store.

Those are just some of the great free apps that are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Download them, check them out, keep the ones you like and delete the others. When you've exhausted our list, you'll find plenty more at the Apple App Store -- look for the Top Free Apps column of the home page of the App Store in iTunes.