6 Ways To Turn Your iPad Into A Laptop

Apple says it won't make tablet-laptop hybrids, but these add-on products will turn your iPad into a work-friendly machine.
5. TouchFire Screen-Top Keyboard. This may be the most unique solution for adding some laptop-like performance to the iPad. Invented by a pair engineers and with patents pending, the TouchFire is a keyboard mat that sits on top of the iPad's virtual keyboard. The goal is to improve tactile feedback for the user--for faster and more accurate typing. But what really ups the cool factor is that you can perform other touch gestures, like pinching and swiping, directly through the TouchFire. Another effort that's being crowdfunded through KickStarter, it's attracted more than $200,000 from more than 3,000 backers so far. A $45 pledge gets you a unit on pre-order.

iLuv Professional Workstation
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iLuv Professional Workstation

6. iLuv Professional Workstation Portfolio. For those who want to maintain a businesslike, "I'm a PC" persona while surreptitiously using an iPad, there is the iLuv Professional workstation. The leather casing would be at home in any corner office, and it also delivers key performance features. The keyboard uses scissor-switch technology for faster, quieter typing. Battery life is advertised at 30 days, with charging via a mini-USB port. There's also a kickstand for upright viewing.

Demand for these and other case-keyboard combinations will likely increase as more workers bring their Apple tablets to the office. Microsoft will respond with ARM-based Windows 8 tablets later this year or early next, as the battle for the enterprise tablet continues.