Acsis Announces Partnership with SAP AG to Fulfill Vision of RFID

IntelligentApplications News - May 11, 2004

Supply chain and business process automation solutions provider Acsis, Inc., has signed a Technology Partner Agreement and Auto-ID Infrastructure Partner Initiative Agreement with SAP AG. Under the terms of the agreement, Acsis will collaborate with SAP to provide complete end-to-end RFID solutions by integrating Acsis Data-Link™ device control software with SAP's Auto-ID Infrastructure.

Based on its RFID software expertise and years of data collection implementation experience in SAP® solution environments, Acsis' Data-Link software is expected to provide seamless integration of RFID devices into the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure. Beyond RFID readers, Acsis Data-Link integrates a wide variety of devices found in modern manufacturing and distribution operations, including barcode scanners, printers, optical and density sensors, palletizers, programmable logic controllers (PLC's), weigh scales and OPC-based production equipment.

"Our deep roots developing data collection solutions for SAP systems, clear RFID technology leadership and longstanding relationship with SAP make Acsis uniquely qualified to meet the needs of SAP users as they strive to comply with industry mandates," said Steven G. Selfridge, Acsis' president and CEO. "We share SAP's vision for the adaptive supply chain. In doing so, we are preparing our customers to take advantage of today's innovations in data collection and identification technologies while providing the foundation to incorporate future technologies and address new industry compliance initiatives as they arise."

The solution should help users integrate data into a format that is easily understood by SAP systems, arming them with actionable supply chain information to make better business process decisions. The partnership, which also provides for co-implementation services, support and marketing, is seen as a natural extension of Acsis' work developing and supporting data collection solutions for more than 450 SAP implementations since 1996.

These solutions are designed to help affected vertical industries meet looming RFID compliance mandates, including Wal-Mart's January 2005 RFID requirement impacting its top 100 consumer products suppliers. Supporting the adaptive enterprise, the solutions are also intended to enable organizations to react quickly as the business climate continues to evolve and as more government organizations, major trading partners and regulatory bodies require the adoption of RFID and future identification technologies.