AppDynamics Lands $11 Million In Funding

The company is one of several start ups venturing into application management, including virtualized applications in the cloud.
AppDynamics is one of the emerging companies that moves the focus of systems management from servers and network devices onto the software application. It announced Monday that it has received $11 million in second round funding lead by its initial investors, Greylock Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. The round brings the total investment to $16.5 million.

The additional $11 million "gives us a war chest to continue to redefine the application performance management market," said Jyoti Bansal, CEO and founder, in the announcement. Bansal is a former architect of Java application performance management products at Wily Technology. Wily was acquired by CA in 2006 for $375 million and CA has continued the Introscope product line as a manager of Java and .Net applications.

"We are excited to partner with Jyoti Bansal and the appDynamics team to help build the next industry leader," said Lightspeed Venture Partners' Ravi Mhatre in the announcement.

AppDynamics's core product, AppDynamics 2.0, was announced in late February. It discovers an application and the related systems on which it depends, maps them visually, places instrumentation into the application through automated Byte Code injection, and assesses the information that instrumentation provides based on policies set by the user.

The combination of mapping, monitoring, and policy-governed operation allows AppDynamics software to intervene when the application shows it's struggling with a peak load during a period of the week when it doesn't normally encounter a peak load. It is able to dive into the application statistics and feedback to find out what appears to be the root cause of the problem.

AppDynamics represents a new round of application performance management capabilities in that it looks beyond the a single piece of software to all the pieces that may be components of a composite application, or set of service-oriented architecture services newly assembled into an application.

It can monitor and track changes to the different components and spot when a recent change in one component is leading to a deterioration in overall performance.

Bansal said AppDynamics 2.0 can also follow application performance as an application is scaled out across additional servers in a cloud setting. Customers of AppDynamics include and Yap, the voice-to-text conversion Web service.

Other companies in the application performance management space include: dynaTrace, Netscout, Shunra, Fluke Networks and New Relic, as well as traditional system management vendors, such as HP, IBM, CA and BMC.

VMware acquired SpringSource, supplier of the application building Spring Framework, as a way of gaining expertise in application management in virtual machines, spokesmen said after the acquisition. Akorri specializes in virtual infrastructure analytics that reflect application performance.

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