Biometric Fraud Software Extends Scope

Biometric fraud mitigation solution for use with SAP applications now compatible with most biometric devices

LAS VEGAS -- realtime North America, Inc. ( announced today that its award-winning bioLock software is now compatible with most biometric devices and laptops with built-in fingerprint readers. By leveraging the latest BioIDENTICA® SDK from Bromba GmbH and fingerprint readers embedded in millions of laptops from UPEK, realtime's bioLock is now compatible with over 100 different models of laptops and over 50 standalone USB fingerprint devices such as the UPEK Eikon fingerprint reader. Today's announcement was made at TechEd '07 Las Vegas, SAP's largest technical education conference.

Thomas Neudenberger, COO of realtime North America Inc. is excited about this latest integration and states, "bioLock is powered by the SAP NetWeaver® platform and exclusively available for use with SAP® applications. Many users of SAP solutions already work on laptops with a built-in fingerprint reader. Now they can not only protect the logon to their computers, but they can physically protect every mouse click in the system."

bioLock can restrict the logon to SAP applications (security level I), every transaction (level II), and any fields or info types (level III). Independent from the user of an SAP solution, bioLock will uniquely identify the ?actual user? and log his or her activities into the standard log file. With this leading identity management tool for SAP solutions, one now has proof who did what and when within the system. Persons in critical departments such as finance, HR, IT, production, management, and other selected employees handling sensitive data are equipped with bioLock to protect the company from fraud and help them to comply with mandatory regulations. bioLock will guarantee more accurate audits and will help to comply with critical regulatory mandates such as the California Act, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires certifying that companies have established and maintained internal controls and will assess and audit their systems' effectiveness annually.

The latest version of bioLock now has an 'invitation only' function. For the first time it is easy and straight forward for the business team to log their most critical transactions and know for sure who will have access - once a function is protected with biometrics a special global check mark is set to require every user to provide a biometric ID. An 'invitation only' table defines which person is invited to use which function. All other users, including administrators with all access rights, are automatically excluded.

"We are excited that realtime is taking advantage of the millions of laptops in the marketplace with UPEK fingerprint readers to provide added value to users of SAP applications," stated Todd Berg, UPEK's Partner Program Manager. "realtime continues to drive adoption of biometric technology by solving real-world needs such as regulatory compliance and fraud mitigation."

realtime North America Inc.