Blue Titan Software Introduces Industry's First Native SOA Data Store

IntelligentIntegration News - June 9, 2004
This week, Blue Titan Software announced that Blue Titan Data Director, the industry's first native SOA data store, will be generally available later this summer. It is currently in limited release.

The product is designed to give enterprise architects a way to elegantly handle the onslaught of distributed data coming from the proliferation of service-based applications, such as portals, business process management, and mobile applications.

Today, SOA-driven data is typically stored using XML databases, relational databases and file systems. These methods are ill equipped for the transient, streaming-based nature of SOA data. Without a native SOA data store, these real-time information streams are difficult to access and cost-prohibitive to store and replicate.

"The increasing investment in Web services and SOA solutions creates a huge amount of new data — the data-rich XML messages being exchanged — that many organizations will want and need to store, access, audit, and analyze," said Tom Rhinelander, an analyst with New Rowley Group. "Blue Titan Data Director is exciting because it not only stores and provides access to these XML messages, but it will also help IT build next-generation, multi-service composite applications that require access to stored XML messages."

By leveraging the benefits of SOA for storing, replicating, retrieving, and managing data, Data Director is designed to give enterprise architects the power to alleviate SOA data chaos right away, while at the same time providing a powerful method to realize tomorrow's SOA-based applications. These applications include event-driven and process-centric applications that rely on new standards such as WS-ReliableMessaging, WS-Notifications, WS-Eventing, and BPEL; and require federated data in the form of Web service messages, XML documents, events, logs, and contracts.

"Data Director is a natural next step for Blue Titan delivering enterprise-scale SOA infrastructure. Our customers use Blue Titan Network Director today to control, scale, and reuse service-based applications in their enterprise SOA," said Frank Martinez, CTO and Chairman of Blue Titan Software. "Data Director does for data and events what Network Director does for policies — it federates them and makes them available as 'shared enterprise services' throughout the Enterprise SOA Fabric. This means our customers can leverage the same infrastructure for realizing more sophisticated and innovative applications."

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