Boomi Offers Automated App Integration

The startup supplies automated, online version of application integration, and seeks additional adapters and connectors from app writers.
The Coupa partnership will allow a more automated method of managing the sales lead to cash process. For example, a CRM user could extract data from the CRM application and integrate it with an accounts payable accounting system, Nucci said. The integration works with online Intacct, NetSuite, Peachtree and QuickBooks financial applications as well.

At the same time it's come up with a way to offer a portable copy of its integration based on its Atom runtime environment for customers to run on premises as well The Atom engine can be decoupled from the Boomi integration platform and installed in the customer's own environment, where it performs integrations in the same manner as would occur on the platform.

Boomi has made the Atom integration engine available to all application suppliers in hopes of gaining many more connectors and adapters, provided by the application companies. While Boomi employs developers to produce its own connectors and adapters, it's frequently understood that the best connector supplier is the writer of the application itself.

"You can't be the only vendor to build all these connectors. We've opened up the platform to any application provider," Nucci said. Boomi currently offers 60 connectors and adapters on its site. They will connect to SAP and Oracle financials applications, as well as Microsoft's Great Plains accounting apps, now known as Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Boomi charges $500 per month for use of 1-2 connectors/adapters. A 4-5 connector system would generate a $2,000 per month charge, Nucci said.