Bump 2.0 Adds Instant FaceBook And Twitter Friending

A neat application call Bump allows select smartphone users to "bump" their phones together to share contact information. The latest version for the iPhone adds social networking.
Bump has been around for a little while, and allows users of the iPhone and Android handsets to wirelessly share contact information. The basic idea is to use the electronic tools at our disposal to negate the need to exchange physical business cards.

The idea of bumping sort of follows the fist bumping method of salutation that some people prefer to handshakes. Whether or not anyone has given up their actual business cards for Bump, I can't say, but it's a neat application regardless.

Bump 2.0 for the iPhone adds a host of new features that are sure to excite Bump fanatics. First and foremost, it allows users to compare calendars, see common availability, and send invitations back and forth that will be saved into the phone's on-board calendar.

Also on the new feature list is quick connections through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. When you bump with another Bump user, you'll be given the opportunity to connect via LinkedIn, friend them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

The new app also includes a chat feature, which allows uses to send data back and forth between handsets without continually bumping one another. Last, it also adds unlimited photo and contact sharing.

The concept reminds me of when we could use infrared to beam contact data between two Palm Treos or Palm Pilots. I am actually surprised that apps like this aren't a dime a dozen. Their utility for mobile professionals is clear.

In order for the software to work, both iPhones must have the app installed and running with active data connections (Wi-Fi or cellular). The app is a free download from the iTunes App Store. Bump says that it is working to update the Android version of Bump as well. The Android version will be available later this summer.