Business Objects Claims Legal Victory Over MicroStrategy

The two business intelligence vendors continue to butt heads over patent issues, with more litigation scheduled to come.
Business Objects prevailed over software rival MicroStrategy in two court decisions regarding MicroStrategy's claims that Business Objects infringed on its patents.

Business Objects announced this week that the United States District Court for the District of Delaware granted its motion for summary judgment as to non-infringement of one MicroStrategy patent. The court also granted a Business Objects motion for summary judgment as to the invalidity of two other MicroStrategy patents.

"As a result, MicroStrategy's claims that Business Objects infringed these three patents have all been dismissed and will not proceed to trial," Business Objects said in a statement.

A spokesperson for MicroStrategy said no company executives were available for comment.

The District Court also gave Business Objects the option of proceeding to trial on a counterclaim the company made against MicroStrategy alleging that another of its patents is also invalid. The trial is schedule to start May 30.

Business Objects and MicroStrategy have engaged in a number of patent-related legal battles over the last two years. Most recently, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia issued an injunction against Business Objects last August, ordering the company not to "possess, use or disclose" two MicroStrategy documents allegedly misappropriated by a former Business Objects employee.

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