Business Objects Seeks Information Management Role

Acquisition of FirstLogic brings data quality into BI portfolio.
Ventana QuickTake™

On February 8, Business Objects announced that it has acquired FirstLogic, a provider of data quality software and services. This acquisition signals Business Objects' desire to be more than just a vendor of reporting and ad-hoc query software and more than just an opportunistic player in the data integration market. It underscores its position that addressing data quality is important for the development of a comprehensive enterprise information management (EIM) system. Ventana Research agrees. However, it is important to bear in mind that data quality is not the same as information quality. Data quality is about accuracy of representation, while information quality is about the value of data in context. It is high-quality information that provides great business value. This general confusion between data and information is likely to continue; however, organizations that understand the distinction will improve their chances to succeed in profiting from their information assets.

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