CA Offers Integrated Management Console

A single console monitors realtime application performance of both distributed systems and mainframe applications.
CA has combined the strengths of what has previously been two distinct products, CA Wily APM, its application performance management product, and CA SYSVIEW, its mainframe management system.

Cross Enterprise Application Performance Management provides a single management console for managing realtime application performance of both distributed systems and mainframe applications, such as CICS.

The combined management system would allow a complete view of a transaction as it moves through a series of steps that taking it from distributed systems, to the mainframe, and back.

Perhaps the best known component of CA Wily APM is the Introscope product, which CA acquired with Wily Technologies in 2006 for $375 million in cash. Introscope was developed to monitor and manage the performance of Java applications by identifying problems and reacting to them. It can see across Java applications running under Linux and across Unix servers, and it also sees Java on the mainframe under z/OS.

"SYSVIEW does the exact same thing on the mainframe [for traditional mainframe applications]. It understand CICS (the mainframe's end user management system) and other applications in realtime," said Prabhjot Singh, VP of application performance management, in an interview. It monitors, for example, IBM's WebSphere MQ, formerly known as the MQ Series messaging system, and CA's Datacom database system.

In both cases, the goal of the monitoring system is to not merely affirm that the application is running and appears to be functioning normally, but to inspect the responses to end users, so that system administrators will know if they are being sent error messages instead of results, or if they are experiencing prolonged response times.

In Cross Enterprise APM, the goal is to not only achieve that level of monitoring but to be able to map it to both mainframe and distributed systems, when application slowdowns, faults or outages occur, said Singh.

Because the administrator's view can span both types of system, he or she can "stitch the transaction together as it hops across systems." IT managers get a set of dashboards in the management console and can configure it with the key performance indicators they most want, Singh said.

Performance specialists currently exist in the data center to improve application performance, but like many other skill sets, "they are siloed" or isolated with information on one set of servers and software. "This solution bridges the mainframe and distributed worlds. This gets everyone looking at a single source of the truth," said Tom Angle, senior VP of software engineering, in an interview.

Cross Enterprise APM will become generally available Nov. 20. It is made up of two separately priced parts. Pricing for CA Wily APM starts at $13,000 per CPU. Pricing for CA SYSVIEW is based on the number of mainframe MIPS it's running under and starts at $24,000.

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