Capazoo Chooses Iovation to Protect Members

Fraud management solution to protect against online fraud and abuse within social networking and entertainment Website

PORTLAND, Ore. -- iovation, the device reputation authority of the Internet, today announced has implemented iovation’s ReputationManager™ to help fight fraud for its new social networking and online entertainment Web site. Capazoo, which enables members to achieve personal recognition and generate real revenue based on their content and participation, will use iovation’s device-based fraud management solution to identify and stop known online offenders in real-time before they can create fraud or engage in abusive or other inappropriate activities.

“We have created a new online culture where members can get real value for their participation and content,” said Grant Carter, president of Capazoo. “It was obvious from the start that fraud management was a critical element in building a successful community and secure environment for members, partners and advertisers. After an extensive search for a solution that would give us the desired level of security and protection, iovation was the clear choice for us. By proactively identifying known fraudsters and their devices across iovation’s reputation network, we can better prevent fraudulent activities and inappropriate behavior that can impact the integrity of our site, and most importantly, our members’ trust, confidence and satisfaction.”

Using proprietary device-based technology, iovation’s ReputationManager allows online social networks, online merchants, financial services and eCommerce companies to accurately screen Internet-based devices at any point of customer interaction, from registration to sign-on, completely seamless to the end-user experience. This proven system allows online businesses to quickly analyze a device’s history of fraud and abuse interactions between users. As a result, companies can dramatically reduce costly, time-consuming manual reviews of suspicious devices by identifying devices with a good online history in addition to those devices with a history of fraud and abuse. ReputationManager is built on the iovation Device Reputation Authority (DRA), a scalable platform that enables the development and delivery of online services such as fraud management, abuse management and multi-factor authentication. DRA maintains the relationships between users’ devices and their accounts/transactions, enabling fraud analysts to unmask hard-to-spot suspicious associations.

“The Capazoo model represents a unique approach to social networking and entertainment online, and we are excited about the benefits this relationship will provide to iovation and the growing Capazoo member community,” said Greg Pierson, CEO of iovation, which recently received $10 million in funding from Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment team. “By working together, we can limit the effectiveness of online fraud and inappropriate behavior to ensure the integrity and safety of Capazoo members.”

iovation Inc.