Caringo Object Storage Software Puts SMBs On Cloud

CAStor 5.0 lets companies build clouds using commodity x86 servers, as well as provide scaling and redundancy.
According to Caringo, unlike Amazon S3, which only allows one domain, CAStor 5.0 lets a company create multiple domains in the same storage infrastructure, and "within a domain, named objects are organized into multiple storage buckets that may be protected with their own security realms and Access Control Lists (ACLs). Users can also provide ACL control at the individual object level. CAStor multi-tenancy makes it a straightforward process for Web 2.0 and individual companies to easily host a CAStor storage cloud."

"Domains let you have one physical storage cloud with multiple virtual clouds in it, like Marketing, Administration, Sales, and Accounting, with each domain having control over its security," said Goros. Users can provide ACL (Access Control List) control down to the individual object level.

CAStor 5.0's new dynamic caching feature can accelerate read access of high-demand objects, somewhat like how a Content Delivery Network (CDN) makes online content more quickly and effectively available to web users. "A company can put clusters in seprate locations, to improve performance for when an object is 'popular' -- being heavily requested -- and to provide disaster recovery among sites."

CAStor software has an embedded Linux kernel, and installs on "bare metal," according to Goros. "You download the software and install it onto x86 servers, and it automatically creates an easy-to-manage, scalable storage cloud. We use replication to other nodes, instead of RAID, and there is always a minimum of two replicas for an object. So recovery is minutes instead of hours; CAStor scales, which RAID doesn't; and you never lose access while rebuilding a node."

CAStor 5.0 is available now, through channel partners, as software and/or hardware/software appliances. Pricing is determined by channel partners. A version that will work with up to 4TB is available free.