Cartesis Upgrades Dashboard, Scorecard and KPI Capabilities

'Analytics' upgrade helps users share trusted data, pursue operational performance management

Performance management applications are critical in the CFO’s office, but organizations are increasingly interested in sharing trusted information throughout the enterprise. To do just that, Cartesis this week unveiled Cartesis Analytics 3.5, which brings better dashboard, key performance indicator (KPI), scorecard and Web- and Excel-based analysis capabilities to the Cartesis 10 performance management suite, which also includes Cartesis Finance and Cartesis Planning.

Dashboards, KPIs, scorecards and Web- and Microsoft Office Excel-based analysis capabilities all fit the trend toward operational performance management, whereby trusted information and analysis capabilities are being shared with front-line decision makers rather than horded by elite analysts in the corporate ivory tower. Rather than reinventing the wheel to deliver these capabilities, Cartesis integrated its Analytics 3.5 with proven data visualization technologies from Panorama Software. The upgrade offers a variety of drill-down and drill-through options as well as exception monitoring capabilities to spot trends and events.

Cartesis Analytics applications can be created by business users without assistance from IT, according to the vendor. Cartesis Analytics is based on Microsoft SQL 2005 and will ship beginning in November. Released in April, the Cartesis 10 performance management suite supports financial consolidation, forecasting, reporting, regulatory compliance and planning. --Doug Henschen