Chordiant 'Listens' In On Call-Center Conversations

Chordiant Recommendation Advisor 6.1 monitors call-center conversations and offers agents recommendations on what actions to take.
Chordiant Software has introduced software that can monitor conversations between call-center agents and customers and make recommendations based on customer responses.

Chordiant Recommendation Advisor 6.1 is built on the vendor's decision management tools that let companies analyze data from many customer touch points, so they can understand outcomes and apply rules to improve each interaction. The latest technology "listens" to call-center conversations and offers agents recommendations on what actions to take.

The Recommendation Advisor bases its recommendations on current and previous interactions with the customer. The suggested actions could include personalized offers or bundles, explanations or compensation. The software could also offer questions to ask and help in negotiations.

Chordiant claims the recommendations are never scripted. Instead, the software continually guides the conversation, "determining and adapting actions in real-time based on customer responses."

In addition, the software gives call-center agents the option of characterizing the mood of a customer, which changes the guidance to cater to the caller's emotional state. Recommendation Advisor can also be adapted to offer personalized questions, answers, offers, advice and guidance to customers on self-service channels.

The new telephony features in Recommendation Advisor were introduced last week. Pricing was not disclosed.

Chordiant was chosen by Intelligent Enterprise as one of 36 "Companies To Watch" this year.

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