Clearwire Taps Huawei

Huawei will provide equipment for Clearwire's nationwide WiMax network, which it's deploying on an increasingly accelerated schedule.
Clearwire reported that it has signed up Huawei Technologies as an equipment supplier for its nationwide WiMax network, which it is deploying on an increasingly accelerated schedule.

The addition of Huawei completes its network infrastructure supplier selections, said Clearwire. Its vendor mix also includes Ciena, Cisco, DragonWave, Motorola, and Samsung.

Clearwire's mobile WiMax offerings are being deployed at ever-accelerating speeds as it seeks to cover 120 million people by the end of 2010. It is in something of a horse race with Verizon Wireless, which is preparing to roll out LTE in two markets later this year and in multiple U.S. markets in 2010.

For now, however, Clearwire's WiMax offering, which it calls Clear, has a substantial lead. The firm, which is 51% owned by Sprint Nextel, has deployed mobile WiMax in Atlanta; Baltimore; Las Vegas; Portland, Ore.; and in a small area of Silicon Valley. It recently said it is moving to offer the service in smaller cities in Texas, Idaho, and Washington State.

"Our existing agreements with Motorola, Samsung, Cisco, and DragonWave, plus today's addition of Huawei, provide us with the capabilities and support necessary to deliver super-fast mobile Internet in more ways," said John Saw, Clearwire's chief technology officer, in a statement.

Clearwire said Huawei will provide several radio access network equipment pieces for its WiMax infrastructure including base stations, element management system components, and related network hardware and software.

Motorola and Samsung will also provide radio access network gear for the Clear network, while Cisco is working on the core IP next-generation infrastructure and Ciena is providing base station switching. DragonWave and Motorola are working on microwave backhaul technology.

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