Composite Software Upgrades Information Server 2

Information Server version 4.6 delivers better performance during large, complex queries, and supports technologies related to service-oriented architectures, the vendor says.
Composite Software has launched a new version of its flagship information server, which features a 64-bit Java Virtual Machine that the company says improves the performance of large, complex queries.

Composite Information Server version 4.6 also has support for technologies related to service-oriented architectures. The upgrade publishes data services using SOAP/Java Message Service binding, consumes SOAP/JMS-based services, and describes those services in Web services description language.

The first third-party platforms supported are Tibco Enterprise Message Service and Progress SonicMQ. Other platform support is planned for future releases.

In addition, Composite Software has added several new or enhanced data sources and clients to the upgrade. Customers can now access any data source supported by DataDirect Technologies' Shadow RTE Server driver for mainframe databases, such as IBM DB2, Adabas, IMS DB, CICS and VSAM. The latest release also includes updates to Composite's PeopleSoft and data access offerings.

On the client side, Composite has added support for native ADO.Net driver functions, which enables customers to leverage investments in ADO.Net-based client and development environments, the company said.

Finally, the update includes new features targeted at design and development. Improved collaboration capabilities include resource externalization and resource locking to enable better sharing across projects and tighter design-time controls as new data virtualization services are developed, the company said.

In general, an information server is a software platform consisting of modules that enable organizations to integrate data from disparate sources and deliver it in the format needed to consuming applications, business processes and portals.

The Composite Information Server 4.6, which started shipping this month, is priced according to project requirements. Product specifications are available on Composite's Web site.

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