Content Management In Focus: Q&A With AIIM's John Mancini

Vendor consolidation, new federal rules on e-discovery and moves by giants including Microsoft are changing the enterprise content management market. Preparing for this week's AIIM Conference & Expo in Boston, AIIM International president John Mancini explores what's driving deployment and whether ECM is being subsumed by information management.

What's your passion?

I love baseball. I tell my kids that growing up I wanted to be either centerfielder for the New York Yankees or an association executive, so I guess you could say my AIIM gig is a dream fulfilled.

Favorite travel destination?

Buxton, North Carolina. It's the most eastern point of the Outer Banks and we've gone there every year for the past 26. There is very little to do but swim, read and consume adult beverages. It used to have no TV or cell phones but "progress" has unfortunately intervened.

Last book read?

Wisdom of our Fathers by Tim Russert. Cried like a baby. Flags of our Fathers by James Bradley. Makes me want to run down to the WWII Memorial in DC and find some old guy and shake his hand.

Most dubious achievement?

Being on an intramural college basketball team that lost a game 121-18. We played four eight-minute quarters and played Dean Smith four corners most of the game.

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