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Correct Customer Interaction Problems on the Fly

Informiam Frontline Advisor delivers real-time agent performance data to contact center supervisors.
Informiam, a provider of real-time performance optimization software for contact center operations, is releasing Informiam Frontline Advisor. The new offering aims to enhance agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction by providing supervisors a real-time view of agent activity, helping them achieve the defined goals and policies of the organization.

"There’s no shortage of information in contact centers – supervisors are routinely buried in data from ACD stats to monthly, weekly, daily and intra-day reports. What’s missing is the real-time information that enables supervisors to correct problems and reinforce progress as it happens, not during the next shift or the next day," said Kirt Pulaski, Product Manager for Informiam. "Frontline Advisor puts everything supervisors need to know about their agents in a single location, so they can capture the priority issues and quickly direct their attention to the agents who need coaching now."

Frontline Advisor is designed to sit unobtrusively on supervisors’ desktops and present them with a real-time view of all agent real-time statistics. Current status, performance, behavioral or activity based data, as well as reference data, can be presented in customized views. Sophisticated, configurable business rules search for behavioral exceptions and then notify supervisors of situations requiring immediate attention.

"Contact centers are demanding the ability to take action immediately," said Pulaski. "Frontline Advisor shows agent activity trends succinctly in real-time, without requiring supervisors to be screen-watchers. It increases efficiency so supervisors have more time to spend with their agents."

Frontline Advisor is designed to help supervisors raise the performance of agents and to assist with the HR aspects of supervision. Agent coaching, training and other communications between the supervisor and the representative are automatically tracked and logged in the agent file. "Remember when every call was preceded by the notification that ‘these calls may be recorded for quality purposes’?" continued Pulaski. "With Frontline Advisor, that requirement just went away. Now supervisors can capture agent performance and make corrections in real-time."