Dashboard: BEA Unites Products, Upgrades BPM Suite

Reflecting a trend among infrastructure vendors, BEA Systems has rolled out a software platform for building service-oriented architectures.

BEA Systems rolled out a software platform for building service-oriented architectures in September, reflecting a trend among infrastructure vendors. SOA 360 spans three product families--Tuxedo, WebLogic and AquaLogic--and includes WorkSpace 360, a collaborative development environment.

Infrastructure vendors are buying or developing technology to meet growing customer demand for SOA-building tools. Besides BEA, HP/Mercury, IBM, Oracle and WebMethods have also recently bolstered their SOA offerings.

"BEA is making the right moves to flesh out its platform and professional services," says Ronald Schmelzer, analyst at ZapThink. "While its work [isn't] done, BEA 360 represents the trend in SOA evolution toward a complete stack of product, processes and services."

SOA 360 is built on BEA's event-driven "microServices Architecture," which uses notification services to publish and discover modular components within a SOA. BEA's goal is to have all its products leverage the MSA by the end of 2008. BEA has upgraded its AquaLogic Data Service Platform, which provides a unified view of data within a SOA, and released the AquaLogic Enterprise Repository, a rebranding of the Flashline metadata repository.

In a follow-up announcement in October, BEA solidified the link between business process management and SOA with the release of AquaLogic BPM Suite 5.7. The update adds built-in support for UDDI, which makes it easier to browse, discover, control and govern services used in BPM projects. If a service used in a process needs to be changed or moved, you simply update the registry. --Antone Gonsalves