Dashboard Tool Introduced For Financial Services Firms

The Web-based application is the second in a series of industry-specific tools designed to ease performance management rollouts.
Professional services firm BPM Partners introduced a dashboard application designed to help companies in the financial services industry quickly deploy new business performance management initiatives.

The Web-based Financial Services Industry Expert (IndEx) Pack comes pre-populated with industry-specific metrics and key performance indicators that address business operations and compliance. BPM Partners built the metrics through experience with clients including Citigroup and HCC Insurance Holdings.

The application is designed to tap data from multiple sources including data warehouses, legacy systems and other performance management tools. Equity-to-asset ratios, returns on assets, and risk-adjusted returns on capital are among the metrics addressed by the tool. Users can add their own as well.

BPM Partners' new release is the second in a series of industry-specific tools. The firm previously released an IndEx Pack for the healthcare industry.

Along with Hyperion, SAP and others, BPM Partners is a founding member of the BPM Standards Group. The organization seeks to bring structure to the concept of business performance management, which it defines as a set of integrated management and analytical processes that address financial and operational activities.

Performance management is different from -- but often confused with -- business process management, which uses the same "BPM" acronym. The latter involves the modeling and automation of specific operational workflows.