Enterprise 2.0 B.S. List: Term No. 1 Consumerization

Consumerization may let Enterprise 2.0 folks wallow in the Apple glow, but it can lead to some really bad decisions.
I'm tempted to invoke the "global filter" in TweetDeck that will zap tweets containing terms I don't want to see anymore. You see, I follow a lot of Enterprise 2.0 gurus but am losing patience for some of the buzzwords. I don't want to unfollow them, since some of my favorite commentators lapse into B.S.-speak (and of course I have lapsed myself). As my 12-year-old solemnizes, let's criticize the behavior, not the person.

Here's the real problem. Behind hyped-up language lies the haziness that characterizes much of Enterprise 2.0 today. By changing our language--and more importantly, changing our attention--we can get clearer about what's really important.

This is my list of four E2.0 B.S. terms: